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Here you can find examples of projects we've had the pleasure of working on. Learn how we have helped companies in various industries solve their unique business challenges, increase operational efficiency and achieve expected results. Success with adaptive software development, modern mobile apps.. and not only!









How we fixed 80% of app errors with a usability audit

Food ordering app, PL

We have conducted a detailed and comprehensive usability audit of a mobile application for ordering meals for a client in the gastronomy industry.
Our UX audit covered the following areas:
• navigation system,
• structure of the homepage,
• composition and way of conveying information (including content grouping),
• clarity of information (including terminology used),
• usability of forms.

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Complex UX UI audit of service booking platform

Platform for booking services, UK

During the conducted UX UI audit of the service booking platform, we focused on evaluating the usability of the interface and building the best user experience possible. The project's objective was to identify the platform's weak points and propose recommendations aimed at improving its usability and interface aesthetics.

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Agricultural and food production mobile app

Agriculture ERP, UK

A system for managing agricultural and food production. Mobile application - innovative software operating in the cloud, ensuring greater productivity and cost efficiency throughout the agricultural supply chain. The cloud-based tool gives the power to proactively track productivity by field, crop, farm, team and operation, giving you instant insight into performance. It also provides Manage Harvest Systems functionalities to achieve flexibility enough to manage your worker payments including by weight, by the hour or by hybrid system. It monitors the most efficient workers, how many kg / hr they harvest, how much each kilogram costs, where and when each person has been working.

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Integration of network services and systems for goverment

Network management, PL

Custom software development for a government administration to design and deliver dashboard and middleware for network integration.

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Manufacturing process software: Production Development

Industry manufacturing, SE/PL

Our client is a company belonging to an international group of companies dealing with banking, real estate, manufacturing, insurance, analytics and retail. It is a manufacturer of the highest quality mattresses, the recipient of which is the largest company in the group. A manufacturing company, world class leader decided to gain greater efficiency, quality & sustainability and launch a new product line. There was a necessary to purchase new production machines and incorporating it into KUKA robots and SIEMENS automation chain.

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Cloud-based manufacturing execution system - MES

Industry manufacturing, SE/PL

Our client - a company from the manufacturing industry needed to collect information about production from production stations in real time, it was necessary to create a cloud MES production management system dedicated to the sewing room and integrated it with efficient overhead conveyor systems delivered by ETON Systems.

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Order management system compliant with the edifact standard

Manufacturing, SE/PL

Our client is a company belonging to an international group of companies dealing with banking, real estate, manufacturing, insurance, analytics, and retail. They decided to modify their system and extend it by EDIFACT standard.

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Warehouse management system - dropshipping service enablement. Better logistics process

Logistics, SE/PL

Our client, a company from the manufacturing industry, wanted to implement a new logistics process that required the launch of a dropshipping service. It was necessary to write a dedicated WMS warehouse management system that would support the entire handling of the process.

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Web and mobile application development: Digital health and wellness platform architecture

Healthcare, Singapore

Modernization of the mobile and web application for a client from the Fitness industry. Ensuring efficiency and security by adapting the software to the latest technological solutions.

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Web and mobile app development for driving schools

Driving school, PL

Our client - Driving School with an established market position had two business goals. The first is to create a modern application in a mobile and web version, which would enable it to support and improve existing business processes, and the second is to introduce a new service related to the subscription of a mobile application to the company's offer.

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Integration with the Antifraud Platform of the Credit Information Bureau

Fintech, PL

Integration with the Anti-Fraud Platform of the Credit Information Bureau enabling the exchange of information between its subscribers.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

E-Commerce, PL

A dedicated web and mobile application to support barcode scanner control. The app supports Zebra Technologies and Honeywell devices. The system is integrated with marketplaces and programs supporting e-commerce sales.

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