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Complex UX UI audit of service booking platform

During the conducted UX UI audit of the service booking platform, we focused on evaluating the usability of the interface and building the best user experience possible. The project's objective was to identify the platform's weak points and propose recommendations aimed at improving its usability and interface aesthetics.


November 2023


UX and UI Audit of the website


Service Booking Platform


United Kingdom


The platform, although designed to offer a wide range of services, had certain limitations related to transparency and ease of use. The multi-step process of completing specific tasks caused confusion among users, ultimately leading to their reluctance to use the platform. Our task was to identify these areas and create recommendations aimed at improving the interface and user experience.


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Our Solution

As part of the conducted UX UI audit, we defined key areas for improvement:

    • Layout: The initial impression upon entering the website was not attractive enough to encourage further usage of the platform. We proposed visual changes such as updating the logo, enhancing the layout and color scheme of the homepage, and adding attention-grabbing animated effects and graphics.


    • Service Catalog: We proposed creating a new structure for available services, including essential information such as name, category, description, and price. This would not only facilitate navigation but also aid in making purchase decisions.


    • Service Booking: The process of booking services was unintuitive and complicated. To simplify it, we suggested adding convenient filters for available services and introducing simple forms that allow for quick and secure booking of selected services.


    • Customer Panel: The existing customer panel did not provide users with full control over their bookings. To address this issue, we designed a template for a new customer panel that would enable tasks such as managing bookings, reviewing payment history, saving favorite services, receiving notifications about available promotions, and leaving reviews for service providers. This would provide users with a fully personalized experience.


  • Benefits for Service Providers: The platform did not offer sufficient benefits for service providers, which affected their motivation to use it. To solve this problem, we proposed adding features that allow service providers to manage their profiles, promote their services, receive reviews and ratings from customers.


During the UX/UI audit, we identified three key areas requiring improvement:

– Introducing a better contact form, online support, and FAQ section to enable users to quickly resolve issues and find answers to their questions.
– Improving navigational labels to facilitate user navigation on the platform and find the necessary information.
– Implementing a simpler and more intuitive payment system to enhance the ease of use of the platform.



After conducting the UX/UI audit of the service booking platform, we proposed numerous recommendations aimed at improving the interface and user experience. The recommendations included not only visual changes but also functional ones, such as simplifying the booking processes, presenting the service catalog in a more transparent manner with relevant filters, creating a new customer panel, adding benefits for service providers, and enhancing the contact form, navigation, and payment system. These changes have a significant impact on increasing the usability and attractiveness of the platform, leading to more satisfied customers and service providers. FULL AUDIT IS HERE

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