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Integration with the Antifraud Platform of the Credit Information Bureau

Integration with the Anti-Fraud Platform of the Credit Information Bureau enabling the exchange of information between its subscribers.


January 2021


Integration with BIK, system and business analysis, testing, implementation






Our client decided to join the Antifraud Platform of the Credit Information Bureau. The participation of financial institutions in the BIK platform allows for faster detection of fraud attempts, which increases the chances of protection against such activities. PAF provides customer information services for financial institutions on the Polish market. This facilitates the exchange of information between subscribers of the Platform. This information is relevant for loans, factoring, or other debt instruments.

info exchange


data verification

full detection

Our Solution

We designed and implemented MVP product. After the assumptions were accepted by the client, we started the coding process. The product was implemented in .NET technology. As part of cooperation with our client, we were responsible for providing a comprehensive system and business analysis of the entire integration process with the BIK platform. This required our team to work closely with our client’s Risk Department and with the Credit Information Bureau itself. On the side of Devqube, there were also tests of the entire solution and its production implementation.


Within 6 months, we provided a solution and deployed on the production.

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