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How we fixed 80% of app errors with a usability audit

We have conducted a detailed and comprehensive usability audit of a mobile application for ordering meals for a client in the gastronomy industry.
Our UX audit covered the following areas:
• navigation system,
• structure of the homepage,
• composition and way of conveying information (including content grouping),
• clarity of information (including terminology used),
• usability of forms.


December 2023


Usability audit of the mobile app


Food ordering app




The usability audit of the application was conducted based on:</font color=”#eb535b”>


Heuristic analysis

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A method that involves analyzing the website according to heuristics, which are general usability principles. Specific elements of selected views on the website are subject to evaluation.

Our Expert analysis was conducted based on the most commonly used 10 Nielsen heuristics, which are as follows:

1. Inform the user about their location in the website.
2. Use clear and understandable language in communication.
3. Provide the user with full control over the website/application.
4. Stick to standards and maintain consistency.
5. Prevent errors.
6. Allow choices instead of forcing memorization.
7. Ensure flexibility and efficiency of use.
8. Focus on aesthetics and moderation.
9. Provide effective error handling.
10. Prioritize help and documentation.


Cognitive walk-through</font color=”#eb535b”>

A method that involves testing the website from the user’s perspective. It determines what processes can occur on the website/application. First, possible user action scenarios are created, and then each action is performed to check all possible processes on the website.
In this method we focused on two issues:

1. The strategy of following labels – which states that users make their choices based on a name that is consistent with the task they have to perform. For example, a user who wants to log into a website will most likely choose a button named “Log in/Sign in” among various options on the page.
2. The process of problem solving in user interaction with the website/application, which consists of 4 steps:

• the user determining the goal to be accomplished,
• the user searching for possible actions to take,
• the user selecting an action that they believe will help them achieve the established goal,
• performing the chosen action, and evaluating the system’s response to confirm the accomplishment of the goal.

In this method, possible usage scenarios are first created, and then all possible processes on the website are implemented by executing subsequent actions.

full usability audit

effective analysis

attractive design

new features

Our Solution

The result of our audit is a detailed report containing a list of identified issues.

Each issue consists of a concise description of the error, an assessment of the error, and a proposed recommendation for change in descriptive form. Each error was evaluated by an expert and assigned one of three levels:

Critical error</font color=”#eb535b”> – It significantly impacts usability to the extent that it completely prevents users from performing certain actions on the website, ultimately leading to their abandonment and negative emotions.
Serious error</font color=”#eb535b”> – It can significantly decrease user satisfaction and if recurring, can prevent users from achieving their goal and cause them to leave the site.
Minor error</font color=”#eb535b”> – It may decrease user satisfaction, but should not lead to strong irritation and site abandonment. Worth noting as it can significantly influence the building of positive user experiences with the service.


The conducted usability audit has identified several significant errors that may hinder user experience with the application. The most serious of these errors concern navigation. They can cause difficulties in understanding how the application works and lead to frustration, which may result in users abandoning the application. Equally important are the changes in the area of order placement and payment process. The moment when the user needs to pay is the main goal of the application; therefore, this process should be transparent and designed in such a way as to minimize moments when the user may feel lost, uncertain, and uninformed.

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