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Our values? Innovation - We strive to constantly seek new and creative solutions to enable our customers to succeed. Engagement: We are committed to our customers' needs and help make any vision a reality. Timeliness: We deliver solutions within the deadlines so that customers can quickly gain the benefits.
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Rafał Maison

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Joanna Iwanków - Maison

Rafał Maison

This is Rafał he is experienced Software Engineer with customer centric approach.
Proven professional track in various industries, including Telco, Public, Healthcare and other.
Strong engineering professional skills in Java, WebLogic, LifeRay, Angular, Docker, ESB and other.
Rafał is responsible for technical part of our solutions.

Joanna Iwanków - Maison

This is Joanna she is professional with over a decade of experience in IT and financial sector.
Experienced in talent acquisition, sales, IT outsourcing, Managed Capacity, IT Project Management.
She leads projects for fintech, e-commerce and IT for agriculture
Joanna is responsible for our partnerships, customer relations and business strategy.


We elegantly leveraging progressive, vertical-leading solutions to produce lean and powerful implementations. As your the API-first vendor mean you own your data and you’re never locked in, minimizing technical debt and empowering you to upgrade and evolve your services mix over time.

We make it our business to know your business, then we design a solution that will achieve your goals
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Perfect Solutions For Your Business


Real solutions that solved real problems by creating real opportunities. It is our duty to improve the user experience of the world by guiding clients through impactful digital transformations.


We are committed to providing quality IT Services


Provided by experts to help challenge critical activities


Really know the true needs and expectations of customers


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