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Healthcare, Singapore

Web and mobile application development: Digital health and wellness platform architecture

Modernization of the mobile and web application for a client from the Fitness industry. Ensuring efficiency and security by adapting the software to the latest technological solutions.


January 2021


Event management, activity and event tracking, bookings, online payments






The application required a technological upgrade. Outdated technologies for which support was ending resulted in the inability to further develop the application. This and the poor quality of the code had a serious impact on the performance of the application. The critical problem was the payment service, because the old technology did not provide the level of security required by the user.


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Our Solution

Our client from the Health Tech sector provides programs for a healthy and active lifestyle via a mobile application with the option of setting individual goals in this regard.

The main functions of the application, used by different types of users, are: training, nutrition, healthy habits, tracking progress in achieving goals.


Devqube recommended rearchitecting the outdated application to ensure the continuity of the client’s business. The task that was set for Devqube was to create a new version of the application in technologies that enabled its long-term functioning on the market. The application was written in Angular and Vue using the IONIC framework. The project was completed on time and on budget, maintaining the highest quality standards. The application works in the latest technologies and is developed on an ongoing basis. The client entrusted us with further maintenance of the application.

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