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Manufacturing process software: Production Development

Our client is a company belonging to an international group of companies dealing with banking, real estate, manufacturing, insurance, analytics and retail. It is a manufacturer of the highest quality mattresses, the recipient of which is the largest company in the group. A manufacturing company, world class leader decided to gain greater efficiency, quality & sustainability and launch a new product line. There was a necessary to purchase new production machines and incorporating it into KUKA robots and SIEMENS automation chain.


January 2021


Software development, operation of specialized production scanners, data storage system


Manufacture of mattresses




Our challenge was to adapt the software to support the next production process and tailor it according to new next-generation production line. The solution should maximize and track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improve production scheduling and help ensure product quality with real-time data. The existing application needed to extend its functionality to properly handle the new production line.




high quality

Our Solution

Devqube’s task in the project was to design and program new functionalities of the client’s production system so that it was fully adapted to support the new production line.

The scope of the project also included the operation of specialized production scanners along with the functionality of saving scanned data. For all project goals to be achieved, it was necessary not only to extend the existing software to support the new production line, but also to design the data storage system in such a way that it was possible to reconstruct and track the entire history related to the consumption of all materials used for production at every stage.


Close cooperation with the client, joint decisionmaking regarding the implementation of the idea resulted in the creation of modern software that fully fulfills its tasks.

After the implementation is completed, Devqube provides maintenance services for the production program for the client.

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