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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

A dedicated web and mobile application to support barcode scanner control. The app supports Zebra Technologies and Honeywell devices. The system is integrated with marketplaces and programs supporting e-commerce sales.


January 2021


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The process of delivering the Warehouse Management System

The client engaged us to develop a new product. A modern version of the warehouse management system (WMS). The product is dedicated to companies with over several thousand unique items in their assortment. It supports the complete e-commerce process. Thanks to it, you can optimize the process of displaying one product item in the marketplace from 14 minutes to 45 seconds, and in some cases even less than 30 seconds!

online & offline

cost reduction

process support

mistakes elimination

Our Solution

We have provided a mobile and web application. The system supports the most important processes related to the handling of shipments, such as: warehouse receipts, storage, transfers inside the warehouse of goods, collecting, distributing. Our team designed the wireframe and technologies that can be used in the further development process. We decided that Angular and Ionic would be the best solution for future development. PHP was used on the backend side. Our solution works online and offline, which was crucial for our client.   Thanks to our application, users are able to cope with the difficulties of running a business in specific product conditions and can easily create their own warehouse structures.


Within 3 months, we provided a Warehouse Management System that allows you to reduce costs, increase the stock turnover rate and eliminate human errors when introducing and updating the offer. The whole process is optimized in terms of service time in such a way that it is possible to update the offer in a short time, spread evenly over individual days.

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