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Agriculture ERP, UK

Agricultural and food production mobile app

A system for managing agricultural and food production. Mobile application - innovative software operating in the cloud, ensuring greater productivity and cost efficiency throughout the agricultural supply chain. The cloud-based tool gives the power to proactively track productivity by field, crop, farm, team and operation, giving you instant insight into performance. It also provides Manage Harvest Systems functionalities to achieve flexibility enough to manage your worker payments including by weight, by the hour or by hybrid system. It monitors the most efficient workers, how many kg / hr they harvest, how much each kilogram costs, where and when each person has been working.


January 2021


Web & mobile development, measuring productivity


Agricultural and food production


United Kingdom


The tech company hired Devqube to create a mobile app. Ionic mobile app was supposed to provide both online and offline capabilities. The whole platform was about to synchronize seamlessly across two platforms (web and mobile) and provide on-site support for the staff.

online & offline

higher productivity

cloud based

full monitoring

Our Solution

It was an almost complete rewrite of the previous version of the system and was delivered on time. The mobile application in Ionic technology was to work both online and offline, and additionally, the entire solution was to enable synchronization of data between platforms (web and mobile) and provide technical support to the staff on site.

We also needed the support of client own development team at business logic backend part in order to develop a mobile application in Ionic and a web platform in Angular. Devqube helped significantly in this process by providing the Ionic mobile app and parts of the web platform in Angular.


Within 3 months, a complete platform was delivered to replace the client’s existing system. First of all, the system was developed despite a tight schedule and the result exceeded the client’s expectations. As a result, further work by the permanent team will be necessary, but the continuation of cooperation was obvious from the very beginning. Thirdly and most importantly, our company’s collaboration with Devqube resulted not only in the completion of the mobile application, but also in the creation of the front of the web platform, which was not originally planned. Moreover, when it comes to communication and motivation, we were consistent, so we knew exactly what was urgent and what to think about carefully. This gave the client a lot of confidence that we were supporting the project in the right way

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