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Cloud-based manufacturing execution system - MES

Our client - a company from the manufacturing industry needed to collect information about production from production stations in real time, it was necessary to create a cloud MES production management system dedicated to the sewing room and integrated it with efficient overhead conveyor systems delivered by ETON Systems.


January 2021


MES system, process improvement, requirement analysis


Sewing plant




The project was to guarantee the client’s competitive advantage by streamlining and remodeling existing processes. It was necessary to create a tool that would eliminate redundant or suboptimal steps in the production process. It was also important to minimize the number of defects by validating the actions performed by the employee at the production station.



time saving

error elimination

Our Solution

Devqube analyzed the existing MES system and it turn out inadequate for current manufacturing processes. When the need to collect and share data on the work of sewing production stations came to the fore, it turned out to be necessary to create an MES system dedicated to the sewing room. The client’s requirements were very restrictive. The system was to ensure high work ergonomics for employees using tablets. The smallest number of actions to be performed, functionalities grouped thematically in one place. The minimum amount of time and service to perform a specific activity – these are one of the basic expectations to be taken into account when designing a solution by Devqube.


Devqube started working on this project with a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements. It turned out to be necessary to add modern solutions and additional functionalities to the existing architecture. We have delivered a powerful operations management solution that reduces costs, improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and allows you to collect data from machines or the entire production line, analyzing process-oriented data and product-oriented data. The system was integrated with efficient overhead conveyor system delivered by ETON Systems Devqube successfully implemented all functionalities in production. Now, our main task is to maintain and develop the system. After implementation, each production station is equipped with a dedicated interface that informs the employee about the required activities to be performed and those tasks for which the employee must wait to be able to perform further tasks of the process. This information is retrieved via the application directly from the production machines.

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