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Web and mobile app development for driving schools

Our client - Driving School with an established market position had two business goals. The first is to create a modern application in a mobile and web version, which would enable it to support and improve existing business processes, and the second is to introduce a new service related to the subscription of a mobile application to the company's offer.


January 2021


Process automation, payment system, job clearance, data monitoring


Driving school




How did we deliver a great mobile app?

Deliver the solution consists of a mobile part – an application for smartphones, in Android and iOS versions, to be downloaded by users from the play store or apple store. This part of the solution is intended for instructors and trainees – clients of the driving school. Instructor – after logging in to the application, he sees the schedule of his lessons, students who are assigned to him and vehicles that he has at his disposal at a given time.


data control



Our Solution

As part of the project, a comprehensive solution was to be created that would support all processes related to running a driving school, while sealing the flow of information, facilitating the settlement of employees and providing the possibility of reporting from the system. In addition the calendar with their lessons, the trainee has very useful functions that help him complete the documents necessary to obtain permissions, the ability to quickly contact the instructors or the office, purchase additional courses and lessons and pay for them via the application. The innovative part of the mobile application is the learning option – in which school students have access to current theoretical tests and tasks necessary to pass theoretical exams in the appropriate category of the course. They are also kept informed of any changes in traffic regulations.


Devqube recommended rearchitecting the outdated application to ensure the continuity of the client’s business. The task that was set for Devqube was to create a new version of the application in technologies that enabled its long-term functioning on the market. The application was written in Angular and Vue using the IONIC framework. The project was completed on time and on budget, maintaining the highest quality standards. The application works in the latest technologies and is developed on an ongoing basis. The client entrusted us with further maintenance of the application.


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