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UX Audit and SEO Audit

Is your website or mobile app user and search engine friendly? Are you sure your content is optimized for SEO? We will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product. This will enable you to take appropriate action and make the necessary changes to provide your users with an excellent experience and increase your visibility in search results. What will be the result? Increase your website traffic and convert it into more conversions!

Better visibility
Perfect user experience
Detailed analysis and reccomendations

1. What is an UX audit?

Many users choose to leave a site if it does not meet their expectations. A UX audit is the analytical process which will help you identify and fix potential issues that may be lowering the quality of interactions with your site. This will ensure that users have a positive experience, increasing the chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Our UX audit services include:

– A detailed analysis of the navigation, functionality and structure of the website/mobile application.
– Review of content layout and graphic design.
– Usability testing to assess the ease and intuitiveness of use.
– Evaluation of responsiveness and adaptation to different devices.
– Analyzing how users interact with various elements.
– Identifying areas where the user experience can be improved.
– Practical recommendations for changes, supported by examples.

Check out our case study with a link to the full audit!

2. What is a SEO audit?

An SEO audit is the process of analyzing and evaluating your website for search engine optimization. This audit will help you identify factors that can affect your site’s visibility in search results and be in the top positions for key phrases. An SEO audit allows you to fix technical errors, optimize content, links and metadata to ensure that your site ranks high organically in search results.


Our SEO audit services include:

– Review of URL structure and indexability of the site by search engines.
– Assessment of content quality and optimization for keywords.
– Analysis of internal and external links
– Analysis of metadata, page headers, descriptions, key content tags.
– Identification of technical problems and recommendations for their improvement.


3. Why use our UX and SEO audit services?

– A specialized team of UX and SEO experts will provide you with professional and accurate analysis.
– You will receive a detailed report with recommendations for improvements and optimization.
– Improving your website’s usability and visibility in search results will increase traffic and conversions.
– We will customize UX and SEO audits to meet your individual needs and business goals.


Contact us today to begin a UX and SEO audit of your website to ensure excellent usability and maximum search engine visibility.

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