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After deployment: Application Maintenance

After the project is completed, we continue to support your growth. We maintain your product in full readiness for operation.

after deployment
Technical support
Application audit
Deployment and training

We offer you:

Technical Support: We provide ongoing technical support to assist you in resolving issues with the application, updates, and other related operational matters.

Development: We can continue working on the application, expanding its functionality, and adding new features according to your requirements and market needs.

Updates: We update the application to ensure its security and compliance with the latest technological standards.

Application Audit: We can conduct an audit of the application to assess its quality, security, and performance. Based on the audit results, we can suggest improvements to enhance the application’s quality and performance.

Application Deployment: We assist in deploying the application in a production environment, ensuring its smooth operation.

Training: We provide training for application users to familiarize them with its features and enable effective utilization.

Integrations: We can integrate the application with other systems such as CRM, ERP, payment systems, and more.

Hosting Services: We can provide hosting services, allowing you to use the application without investing in your own server infrastructure.

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