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Mobile and web app on Zebra scanners and printers

Delivered dedicated system web and mobile app  with barcode scanner control App enables Zebra Technologies and Honeywell barcode scanners. System is  integrated with marketplaces and e-commerce sales support programs. 


January 2022




Web & mobile development



Project Overview

Our Client engaged us for its new product development. A new, light version of warehouse management system (WMS). Product is dedicated for the companies that have an assortment of over 1000 unique items. And it is supporting e-commerce process. Thanks to it, it is possible to optimize the process of displaying one item of the product on marketplace from 14 minutes to 45 seconds, and in some cases even go below 30 seconds.

We delivered mobile and web application. System is providing service of the most important processes related to package handling, such as; warehouse receptions, storage, movement inside the warehouse of goods, collecting, unfolding. Out team designed wireframe and technologies to use in development process. We decided that due to future development the best solution will be Angular and Ionic. On the back-end side was used PHP. Our solution works in online and offline mode, what was crucial for our customer. Thanks to our application users are able to cope with the difficulties of running a business under specific product conditions and can create own warehouses structures.

Our Solution

Within 3 months, we delivered solution which allows to reduce costs, increase the inventory turnover ratio and eliminate human mistakes while building the offer. The whole process is optimized in terms of the listing time in such a way that it is possible to post an offer in a short time at once, split evenly into days.

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