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November 14, 2020


Online booking


Cross-platform apps


United Kingdom

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Project Overview

Devqube provides mobile application development services for the client of a software development company. The team currently handles development and maintenance support for an Ionic-based app. Thanks to Devqube’s efforts, the client has successfully launched an enhanced version of the app on the App Store. The team leads a seamless workflow through their technical and project management skills while delivering timely outputs. Overall, the client has been pleased with this collaboration.  

One of our clients required maintenance and development of an application in Ionic – a technology we do not specialize in. We asked DevQube for help. DevQube took ownership of the app maintenance and development. Together we introduced multiple new features and removed many bugs bringing a much better experience to the client’s users.

The scope of work was the maintenance and development of a system for managing live events. Our company maintains the main system while DevQube was tasked with maintaining a mobile application for end clients, which was built in Ionic. There were 2 people from DevQube who worked with our team to ensure that the backend system and the mobile app work well together.

Our Solution

We were able to iterate very quickly launching a new version of the app in the app store before the deadline and the start of the events season. Devqube has been very flexible in adjusting to our ways of working. They’ve delivered on time and with quality.​

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