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Production and Agricultural Intelligence Insights. Mobile application is an innovative cloud-based software providing greater productivity and cost-effectiveness across the agricultural supply chain.


January 2021




Web & mobile development


United Kingdom

Project Overview

A software company hired Devqube to develop a mobile app. They were responsible for the total rewrite of the platform including the system design to support both online and offline usage in a given time frame. Thanks to Devqube’s efforts, the outcome was beyond client expectations. The team completed the platform on a tight schedule and deadlines. Firstly, they were able to catch problems early to prevent mistakes. Secondly, their cooperation resulted in a successful collaboration that brought more results than expected.

This was nearly a total rewrite of the previous version of the system and it was delivered in a tight schedule and deadline. Ionic mobile app was supposed to provide both online and offline capabilities. The whole platform was about to synchronise seamlessly across two platforms (web and mobile) and provide on-site support for the staff.

Finally, we were in need to support our own software development team to work with the client to develop a mobile app in Ionic and web platform in Angular. Moreover, Devqube helped significantly in this development delivering Ionic mobile app and parts of web platform in Angular.

Our Solution

In conclusion ,within 3 months, almost complete platform was delivered which will be replacing the current client’s system. Above all, the system was developed on a tight schedule and deadlines and even though it was ambitious, the outcome was beyond client expectations. As the result, the follow-up work will be needed by the permanent team but it was known from the beginning. Thirdly, and most importantly the cooperation between our company and Devqube resulted not only in completing mobile app but also on the web platform front which was not initially planned. Moreover, the communication wise and motivational wise we were pretty much aligned so that we knew exactly what was urgent and what needed to be thought of carefully. This gave a great confidence for the client that we’re supporting the project in the right way. They were able to catch problems early on and prevent any rework in the later stages. There was no task too hard or complex for them to develop.

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